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Noontec TerraMaster D5-300C USB-C 2+3RAID DAS Review

Pricing, Conclusion, and Final Thoughts


At the time of writing, the TerraMaster D5-300C 5-Bay DAS can be yours for £229.99 in the UK and $183.99 in the US. The US price is a deal price, the normal price is $229.99.


I loved the concept of this unit since I first spotted the TerraMaster D5-300C and it was something that I simply had to check out in person. The unique 2+3 drive setup might not be for everyone, but it’s something I can see be very popular among home users. You get a redundant drive setup for your most important files and the maximum capacity from the rest. At the same time, you only have one unit running and it costs a lot less than a 5-bay NAS would.

The noise level is a vital factor for DAS units. They’re placed close to your workspace and you wouldn’t want a lot of extra noise there. That is an area where TerraMaster generally shines and it’s no different for the D5-300C. The reason for this is the choice of an aluminium cover. This helps with the heat dissipation and it also looks great. In return, the built-in fans have to work less.

With a USB Type-C connector, the unit is future-proof, at least for the foreseeable future. I see this connector type take over more and more and it’s great to be ready for a world with nothing but Type-C. Compatibility is still guaranteed as it comes with a Type-A connector cable included. It would have been nice with a Type-C to Type-C cable too, but that might just be me being greedy.


  • Unique 2+3 drive setup
  • Works with any SATA 2.5″ and 3.5″ drive (SSD, HDD, SSHD)
  • Aluminium enclosure and double 80mm fans for silent operation
  • Good accessory package


  • No Type-C to Type-C cable included
  • The drive layout might not be for everyone

Noontec TerraMaster D5-300C USB-C 2+3RAID DAS Review

“The TerraMaster D5-300C offers a unique setup, silent operation, and a lot of flexibility. What’s not to like?”

Thank you Noontec TerraMaster for the test sample.

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Bohs Hansen

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