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Noontec Zoro Headphones Review

Music is popular, just encase you didn’t notice, but with more and more people spending time listing to their music on the move, devices like mobile phones, laptops, iPods and many other MP3 players to name but a few are everywhere, with such a massive user base and so many music playing devices it makes sense that people would want the best in audio quality to enjoy their music collection, not only that but most of us want the best we can get without paying the earth for it, but this is a theory that doesn’t just apply to headphones, we all want a good deal at the end of the day.

Noontec Zoro make big claims about this set of headphones, which for their price range made me a little sceptical, which I’ll discuss in a few moments, but here is an exert from the Noontec site to give you an idea of what I’m talking about;

In pursuit of the perfect sound effect, Zoro has been developed from the outstanding intelligence and perfect SCCB technique of professional masters.  The 40mm high-quality neodymium magnet speaker is almost fully had-selected, with low frequency sound cavities calibrated at ten thousand times and the cotton buds of the acoustic earphones having undergone professional tests.  The low frequency sounds are solid and powerful, the intermediate frequency is well-balanced, the high frequency is down to earth and lively, and the overall three-dimensional effect is outstandingly clear and achieves a high level of clarity.  Zoro’s non-destructive sound effect restores the spirit of music.  It makes you feel like part of music and musician’s world and it allows you truly enjoy every single minor detail of music, bringing you a brand-new incomparable perspective of real music.

That sounds like a lot to live up to, but the top of the page is the bravest of all “Better Sound Quality Than German Headphone”, keep reading if you want to know just how well these gorgeous looking headphones from Noontec hold up in my tests.

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Peter Donnell

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