Norman Reedus Confirms Death Stranding 2 ‘In Negotiation’

Death Stranding certainly represented perhaps one of the best definitions of a Marmite game. Some, like myself, absolutely loved it while others saw it as nothing other than an over-glorified walking simulator. With the updated next-gen version set to be released next month, however, following a report via PCGamesN, it would appear that a sequel to Death Stranding might be on the verge of being confirmed in the very near future. And this isn’t just idle speculation either, the source of this news is none other than Norman Reedus himself!

Death Stranding… 2?

Speaking in an interview to promote The Walking Dead’s final season, Norman Reedus (who appears to be the polar opposite to Hideo Kojima when it comes to ‘teasers’) confirmed that a Death Stranding sequel was currently in discussions: “I think we’re doing a second Death Stranding. [It] is in negotiations right now. So… yay!”

The only mild factor of note is exactly who the ‘negotiations’ are with. It seems pretty clear though that both Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus want this to happen. One can, therefore, only presume that the missing piece of the puzzle is either a deal with a publisher (albeit, one would presume Sony would again want to have this title back again) or perhaps it’s simply a case of ironing out the finances involved.

What Do We Think?

There is certainly more than enough consumer demand for a Death Stranding sequel to happen. Not least of all the apparent requirement based on just how well the original game sold (even if, as above, opinion on it was divided).

Presuming Death Stranding 2 is confirmed before the end of the year, however, which admittedly isn’t very likely, it’s clearly still in the exceptionally early stages of development. As such, although it does seem probable that a Death Stranding sequel will be a PS5 exclusive (probably timed with a later PC release) we shouldn’t expect to hear anything firm about this until at least next year and maybe even 2023.

Given how much I absolutely adored the first one though (my personal PC game of the year for 2020), let’s just hope that Norman Reedus keeps us in the loop because Lord knows Hideo Kojima loves to play coy with us!

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Mike Sanders

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