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Novostella RGB WiFi Flood Light Review – Ultimate RGB!?

A Closer Look

There are two Novostella RGB WiFi Flood Lights in the box, but they’re both identical to each other, so there’s no point doing a comparison. However, they are both self-contained units that are ready to plug and play. That’s likely got something to do with the waterproofing, they’re not designed to be opened, so they’re sealed up good and tight with no obvious screw holes to tinker.

Novostella fit them with a standard UK plug, and while the cable isn’t very long, it is very heavy duty.

It’s a thick cable, so it’ll certainly withstand the element out outdoor, or perhaps a few nibbles from your cat if it’s indoors.

there’s a very industrial looking fitting for it, which comes with heatshrink sleeving, a metal bolt/washer system, rubber filling

Down the side, there’s an adjustable nut, which holds the mounting bracket. However, it’s a pivot and you can release or tighten the tension to make adjustments to the angle, then lock it in place.

As I said, it’s a self-contained and water-proof unit, so adding ventilation and air holes just isn’t going to cut it here. However, the case is designed to be its own radiator, and there are some fins on the back right behind the lighting array to ensure it can dissipate heat. However, they do recommend its kept in an environment under 45c, but since I’m in Yorkshire, England, that really won’t be too difficult.

For mounting the unit, you can simply screw it to a wall using the adjusting bar at the back.

However, this can also double as a rudimentary kickstand too, if you wanted to place it on the floor or behind some furniture.

There’s an open point here, and you must install the included WiFi antenna. For one, it helps with pairing it to your WiFi, and it’ll seal up the hole, as it’s not waterproof with this open.

On the front, you’ve got a tempered glass front with a black glossy finish around the trim. However, there’s a glossy white finish on the lighting interior to better reflect the light.

As you can see, there’s a huge bank of LED lights in here, and it uses a mixture of colour and white modules to ensure it can produce a wider range of colours, as well as true whites.

Overall, it’s a pretty neat looking unit. Albeit, the cable is so thick that if you want to place it on the floor, you need to turn it upside down. No big deal though, as when it’s powered on, I doubt anyone will be looking directly at it.

The WiFi antenna is nice and compact, just screw it on tightly and you’re good to go.

See, really simple!

Now we’re setup and ready to go.

I won’t be screwing these to my wall, but as Novostella said, people have been putting these in their gaming rooms, offices, etc, so that’s exactly what I’ll do. I should mention, I already have 9 different Philips Hue lights in this room, so I’m eager to see how these look, as it’s an extremely different approach using a directional floodlight.

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