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Novostella RGB WiFi Flood Light Review – Ultimate RGB!?

There’s no shortage of amazing RGB products out there these days. From a simple NZXT Hue strip to the Corsair desktop towers, and a million things in between. Then you’ve got things like Philips Hue and LIFX that can add lights and colours to any room of your house. However, there’s another solution! What if you wanted to throw light onto an entire wall, inside or outside your home? Then you’ll want a full RGB floodlight, obviously! Amazingly, these were designed for outdoor usage, but Novostella said they’ve seen so many customers throwing them in their home cinemas, gaming rooms, offices, etc, and wanted me to take a look… and who am I to say no to that!

Novostella RGB WiFi Flood Light

The Novostella RGB WiFi Flood Lights are 20W LED lamps, which can deliver a whopping 2000 lumens each; that’s pretty damn bright, especially if you’re using them indoors. However, if you want to really dazzle or deal with a larger area, they made a 60W version too! They use an RGBCW configuration, allowing for a white range of 2700K to 6500K and a vast array of colours. Plus, it comes with its own app, but also support for Amazon Alexa and Google Home for voice and profile control. Furthermore, they’re IP66 waterproof, meaning you can put them in your garden, on your garage, roof, or simply have them in the house, it’s really up to you!


  • Unique patented sleek design with an antenna for WiFi network enhancement, stable connection, the working distance is up to 24-26m, which is 2.5 times longer than that without an antenna.
  • The first voice controlled smart floodlight. Compatible with Alexa (Echo/Dot/Tap) and Google Assistant.
  • APP able to control all functions (turn on/off, select colours, adjust brightness, set schedule, set sunrise and sunset, group control, select/DIY scenes, etc.). Compatible with Android & iOS. Control from anywhere.
  • Much Richer Colours and Tunable White
  • White colours are tunable from 2700-6500K. 2000 lumens, light up your garden.
  • 16 million colour, brightness, temperature and saturation are adjustable. Changing from orange, red, purple, blue, green etc.
  • Ideal for using in a garden, patio, wedding, party, BBQ. Decorate your home on Christmas/Halloween, etc

Launch Trailer

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