Now You Can Buy Your Diamonds with Bitcoins

/ 3 years ago

BitCoin Diamonds

By now there really isn’t any question anymore whether Bitcoins are here to stay or not, with big companies and organisations such as Microsoft, NewEgg, Greenpeace, and Mozilla already accepting the virtual currency. The eRetailer iDIAMONDS has now announced that they’ll follow and accept Bitcoins for all diamonds and diamond jewelries in their shop.

Most of us know a little about diamonds from our Hollywood exposure, but when it comes down to everything, we don’t know much. There are millions of pages to read if you want to know everything, and that’s virtually impossible for most people. That is the reason iDIAMONDS was founded, to make it easier for the every-man to both shop diamonds as well as get just what they’re looking for. To further built on this, iDIAMONDS is now one of the first jewelry stores worldwide, if not the first, to accept Bitcoins and move the thousands of year old diamond market into the future.

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Turn your untraceable virtual currency into virtually untraceable diamonds, yes I think this will be a both a hit and success for iDIAMONDS.

Thanks to iDIAMONDS for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of iDIAMONDS

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