Now TV Lands on the PlayStation Store in UK

/ 3 years ago


Sky’s media application, Now TV, has landed on PS4 consoles in the UK according to a tweet by Chris Owen, the English community manager for PlayStation Europe.

Now TV has been available on the PlayStation 3 since last year and it allows people to pay for daily and monthly access to different content such as Sport, Movies and regular TV shows, which in my opinion is a really lame idea and some of the prices are even more ridiculous. For a Sky Sports DAY pass, yes DAY pass, it’s £9.99. £9.99 to watch mainly football for a day, yes you can get formula 1 and golf and cricket but the vast majority is football, why people can’t watch the highlights for free i’ll never know but seriously, £9.99 for a day!? There are two monthly passes that are way more reasonably priced, you can get a Sky Movies monthly pass for £8.99 and the Entertainment pass for £4.99 a month. Much better than £9.99 a day!

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Anyway, enough about awful pricing, the Now TV app is said to come to Xbox One later this summer but no official date has been given by Sky. So sorry Xbox One users, guess you have to watch free TV on your TV through your Xbox which is on your TV! (Insert yo dawg meme here)

Thanks to Eurogamer for supplying us with this information.

Image courtesy of Eurogamer.

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