NSA Leader’s Black Hat 2013 Speech Revealed – Video

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We already told you about the NSA Boss getting booed at his Black Hat 2013 conference keynote speech this week. Now the speech has been put online for people to see. In the speech the NSA’s General Keith Alexander took to the stage, in a somewhat defensive position, to try and place NSA surveillance programs in a more favourable light and argue that the NSA aims to balance civil liberties, privacy and security. You’ve got to really commend him for agreeing to go ahead and give the speech despite the hostile public attitude towards the NSA, he could easily have chosen to avoid giving the speech in favour of making up an excuse.

That said the audience still remained quite divided towards his speech with many booing the NSA boss and some even shouting out allegations that he is a liar and breaking the constitution. Of course the frustration towards the NSA is understandable but General Keith Alexander is not on his own solely responsible for everything that has been exposed, though he is in a rather priviledged position to make the radical changes many people want.

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If you have the time we recommend watching the speech which you can see below. It is certainly interesting viewing. Do you think the audience were right to doubt and undermine what General Alexander says or did you think he made a strong argument?


Image courtesy of Keith Alexander

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