NSA To Declassify Documents About PRISM And Other Programs

/ 4 years ago


A senior American official has told CNN that the U.S government intends to declassify some documents about NSA spying programs to the American public. Apparently the declassification will occur in the next few days and will include white papers providing a comprehensive overview and information on NSA surveillance programs. Furthermore details on the way the FISA court operate will also be disclosed, such as details on requests for surveillance warrants.

Strong lobbying from leading technology companies has made such a declassification program possible although it is still unknown what kind of information will be made available. Given the tough time U.S authorities have had in recent weeks, due to aggressive anti-surveillance media coverage, it seems likely they will select documents for declassification that puts NSA surveillance programs in a good light. U.S authorities have criticised an over-zealous media for making surveillance programs seem drastically worse than what they actually are.

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Stay tuned over the next few days as we will endeavour to bring you details on what these declassified documents reveal.

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