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Nvidia 3080 Gaming/Synthetic Benchmarks Leak

Following the launch of the Nvidia 30XX graphics cards earlier this month, Team Green certainly made some pretty impressive indications as to how they should comparatively perform against the prior 20XX series GPUs. Specifically regarding the 3080, however, they cited that it should (roughly speaking) perform around twice as fast as the 2080. Pretty impressive if true.

Well, following a report via Videocardz, in something that seems akin to a collaborative effort, both gaming and synthetic benchmarks have appeared online and they might just give us our best idea yet as to how the GeForce RTX 3080 stacks up!

Nvidia 3080 Gaming/Synthetic Benchmarks

Before getting onto the results, we should elaborate on how they have been collected. Apparently coming with permission (albeit, unclear if the permission has been given by Nvidia or those who took the benchmark results) the below tables are a compilation of benchmarks submitted to Videocardz by reviewers in order to attempt to see if, generally speaking, the results are fairly similar.

This isn’t, incidentally, an uncommon practice when a new GPU line-up is released as it can be hard to know for certain that your system/drivers are working correctly. And trust me, early-release drivers can be more than a little awkward to work with!

Based on the results, however, it seems pretty clear that the Nvidia 3080 is a very impressive graphics card. Sadly, there are no results taken from a standard 2080 though which would’ve made analyzing Nvidia’s comparison to it a lot easier. I guess we’ve got to wait a little longer to see if that claim was correct.

What can be determined, however, is that the 3080 is notably faster than the Nvidia 2080 Ti by a margin of (around) 20-25%, the 2080 Super by around 35-40%, and the 2070 Super by around 45%.

What Do We Think?

We always knew that the 30XX series of graphics cards were going to be good. I mean, let’s face it, Nvidia rarely releases anything bad! Based on these results, however, while the 3080 is clearly very impressive, it only adds more fuel to the fire of speculation as to how much better the 3090 will be and, perhaps from a more sensible consumer stand-point, if the 3070 really will be ‘as good or better’ than the Nvidia 2080 Ti. If so, with it set to retail for around £500, it’s definitely the model I have my eye on!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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