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Nvidia 461.09 Driver May Cause Crashes/Reduced Performance

On January 7th, Nvidia announced the release of its latest graphics card drivers. As such, I daresay that many of you have probably already made the update to their latest version (461.09). – Following a report via ChipHell. However, a growing number of users say that since making the update, applications have been randomly crashing, and worse, gaming performance has seemingly dropped!

Put simply, it is believed that the driver update may be the root cause of the problem and following comments from Nvidia, it seems to be confirmed.

Nvidia 461.09 Driver

In the report is it suggested that Nvidia has currently moved the following issues into their ‘known’ category that should, all going well, be corrected in the next update expected around early February:

  • Gaming performance (frame rate) may randomly drop
  • Adobe Premiere Pro – Crashes may occur
  • Your screen may flash and/or flicker after the update

What Should I Do?

Although Nvidia has yet to officially confirm the above faults in an official statement, it has been suggested that the best way to avoid any of the issues from this driver update is to, wherever possible, simply not install and/or update to it. – It would appear that the problems presented within it are an exceptionally isolated problem and, by proxy, we daresay that for the majority of people (who either have or haven’t made the update) it shouldn’t pose any notable problems. – Given that it didn’t actually introduce or add anything that important, however, we would suggest that if you have yet to check your GPU drivers, it might just be worth giving this particular one a skip if you can!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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