Nvidia Announce Five New GeForce 700M GPUs

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We always seem to see a company’s range of mobile graphics processors arrive before the next generation of desktop graphics processors and this is indeed the case again with Nvidia’s latest range the GT 700M series. Nvidia have gone ahead and announce the bottom half of the GT 700M series which includes the 720M, 735M, 740M, 745M and 750M, all GT variants. The GT 710M and GT 730M had already been released. It is expected at a later date the GTX variants will arrive. All these new GPUs, with exception to the GT 710M, are based on the 28nm Kepler architecture while the 710M is based on Fermi.


The magnitude of performance increases isn’t fully known but you can compare performance to Intel’s latest HD graphics above. One of the main selling points of the new range of GPUs is GeForce experience which gives beginners automatic game configuration to find them the optimal settings for gameplay, that is the highest frame rates with the best possible graphic quality settings. GeForce experience also includes GPU Boost 2.0 which performs dynamic overclocking and an automated driver update engine. Nvidia claims 10 out of the 10 best 2012 game releases are optimally playable with the GT 720M.

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Finally Nvidia is including its Optimus technology with all GeForce 700M series cards which allows for dynamic switching between integrated Intel HD Graphics and the discrete Nvidia processors. Despite all Nvidia’s criticisms of the Intel HD Graphics they still help to extend battery life.

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