NVIDIA Announce New G-Sync Notebooks

/ 2 years ago

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NVIDIA, graphics giant has announced a new range of G-Sync enabled notebooks. This finally brings what desktop users have had to the mobile gaming market.

This might sound bizarre, but enabling G-Sync on notebooks was ‘a doddle’ considering how easy the implementation process is compared to a conventional desktop tower and monitor. The reason being, in a notebook, there is now scaler module. The scaler in traditional monitors is used to allow for different inputs with different input resolutions, i.e. a graphics card could natively want to display at 1080p, but another input source could want to display at 720p. Most users wouldn’t normally consider this as we can change the resolution while in the operating system to whatever we want up to the graphics card or monitor limit.

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The panels used will only be those tested specifically by NVIDIA and given a pass mark; these will then be allowed to carry the G-Sync branding. They will always be synchronised due to a direct panel to GPU connection and they will feature a 75Hz refresh rate.


At the time of writing this article, there was only a small range of G-Sync notebooks available and we could see more during Computex. They will all feature at least a GTX 970M and have a resolution of up to 4K.


More information of these notebooks will be made available during Computex from each of the manufacturers.

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