Nvidia Announce Titan Z GPU at GTC 2014

/ 3 years ago


Jen Hsun Huang has just unveiled the latest GPU from the green team that pushes them beyond what Titan has to offer. It was made clear that Titan was and still is the most extreme graphics card on the planet, which makes it hard for a company to move forward. Nvidia have managed to do just that and the Titan Z has been born.

The card as you can see follows on the same sexy styling that the Titan brought to us.

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Jen Hsun Huang holds the card in his hand and explains what the specifications of the card are.


A closer look of the card shows off that fantastic design and cooling solution.


With 5,760 CUDA cores, 12GB of memory, 8 TeraFLOPS and a price point of $2999.


Hopefully we can grab some more information on the Titan Z very soon, but be warned; it’s not for the faint hearted.

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  • Skidmarks

    It looks nice for an entry level GPU. xp

  • Wazza

    Can it play Crysis?

  • librtee_dot_com

    I’ll bet Quake 1 would look really good on this.