Nvidia Announces New Shield Set-Top Streamer

/ 1 year ago

nvidia-ces-2017-keynote-8 Shield

Since the original Shield launched, what we have come to demand from our connected devices has dramatically changed. In response to this changing demand, Nvidia has announced the New Shield streamer. While the specs are a bit thin on the ground, there are some key details we can share with you.

First up, the key headline feature is support for 4K HDR content. 4K obviously has been bandied about quite a lot but HDR support is rather new and nice to have as well. Nvidia has even gone to the effort of getting the device 4K HDR certified for Amazon and Netflix. It also brings in support for Google Assitant for TV, something we will touch upon more later.

Another big feature is integrated Steam support, allowing users to stream from their Steam PC to the TV while playing with the Shield controller. There are also thousands of games available from the Shied game store as well. There is also likely access to the Google Play Store as well.

Starting today, pre-orders are available for the new device, coming in at $199 for the 16GB model and $299 for the 500GB Shield Pro. Both run the Tegra X1 SoC with the Pro offering more connectivity and of course storage. Shipments will start later this month as well.

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