Nvidia Announces Tesla GPUs With ARM64 CPU Onboard

/ 3 years ago


Nvidia has announced its latest Tesla GPUs, the Tesla K20 to be more specific, feature 64 Bit ARM server processors onboard. This enables Nvidia’s Tesla GPUs to tackle HPC (high performance computing) workloads with energy efficient ARM processors for serial processing. Nvidia claims the Applied Micro X-GeneARM64 CPUs will allow their Tesla K20 GPU accelerators to drive compute intensive HPC and enterprise data center workloads.

On the face of things the news may not seem that exciting but the integration of ARM processors into the server environment will be nothing short of a paradigm shift if it does happen. This development also links up nicely with the rumours we heard earlier on this month about the potential for a “GTX 880 Enterprise Edition” which could also boasts onboard ARM CPUs.

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Nvidia will be demonstrating this new technology over the course of the next month so stay tuned for more developments.

Source: Nvidia PR, Via: TechPowerUp

Image courtesy of Cirrascale

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