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NVIDIA Cutting 2060 Production to Boost 30 Series

NVIDIA is fighting a heck of a battle to get production to a level where it can meet consumer demand. There does seem to be some confusion from many consumers that they’re not making as many cards, but I don’t think that’s the case. They simply cannot make them fast enough to meet demand, albeit some supply issues for components have been coming and going too, but the fabs are running, plenty of GPUs are being made.

To help alleviate the strain, NVIDIA may now cut production of the older RTX 2060 in half. Nvidia actually brought back a lot of GTX 16 series and RTX 20 series cards to meet demand, as the new GPUs were being snapped up by the miners and scalpers too damn quickly. They fired up the older fabs to try to get something, anything, to gamers. However, now with the CMP cards on the market, miners have their own specific cards to buy, and the new ones are tuned to be less friendly to miners and still great for gamers.

NVIDIA Cutting 2060 Production

NVIDIA can now focus back on the gaming market. That means getting Ampere GPUs back in higher production for the gaming market but keeping the Turing hardware for crypto. Albeit, the lower crypto price right now may help turn the tide even further, as it doesn’t seem to be bouncing back, yet.

Reports suggest that this month NVIDIA will cut the supply and shipments of the RTX 2060, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the first of many transitions if it all goes well. The added production capacity will then be used for the RTX 30 series cards.

Do I expect gamers to see a big change in the near future? I honestly do not, we still have a long way to go, but it’s a god damn start, and I’m sure Nvidia are eager to take your money as you are to get a new GPU. So long as the LHR “Lite Hash Rate” technology holds up this time, there’s really nothing appealing to miners about any new hardware that isn’t from the CMP range.

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