Nvidia designs new GeForce logo

/ 6 years ago

The current Nvidia logo has been around since the introduction of the 8800GTX in 2006. Currently the logo bares no mention of anything other than Nvidia or GeForce. Nvidia plans to redesign it as seen above. The New logo will contain ‘GTX’ as a symbol of this logos uniqueness towards the gaming segment of Nvidia’s product lines. The new logo will be used on the ‘premium’ Nvidia cards, i.e. those that are greater than $150 in Nvidia recommended RRP value.

“The new GeForce brand name has all its letters capitalized, as “GEFORCE”. The font used has swanky sharp edges. A section of the NVIDIA “eye” is sticking out from the bottom-right. The non-GTX logo could look similar, minus the “GTX”, of course.”

Source: VR-Zone ChineseTPU

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