NVIDIA Drive PC Demo @ Computex 2015

/ 2 years ago


Computex 2015 – No press conference would be complete without a demo. Here is the NVIDIA Drive PC, a more commercially available version of what can be found in the Tesla P85.

It is a relatively compact unit, around the same size as an A4 sheet of paper and about as thick as a DVD case. On the top of the PCB, we see those two Tegra X1 processing units capable of 3 teraflops. Along the leading edge, is the 12 HD and other communication ports for the car.

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We can see this being widely adopted into most mainstream cars, most likely cars such as the Ford Mondeo, but no word on the current client list.



It would be great if NVIDIA made this into an off the shelf kit for enthusiasts to purchase; I would definitely have one.

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