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NVIDIA GeForce Experience Gets Vulkan and OpenGL Support

The latest update of NVIDIA GeForce Experience – the company’s graphic card optimisation suite – has introduced Vulkan and OpenGL Share support. Share, formerly known as ShadowPlay, is NVIDIA’s video capture feature which can record up to 4K and 60fps footage.

“[Y]ou can now stream and record your Minecraft and Doom gameplay with the press of one hotkey, and use the built-in overlay to easily share to Facebook, Google, Twitch, and more,” NVIDIA says. “It’s powered by our acclaimed ShadowPlay technology, so you can capture up to 4K 60 FPS and never miss a beat while you game.”

GeForce Experience New Features

In addition to Vulkan and OpenGL support, GeForce Experience has refined its image and video gallery. Screenshots and clips now both share the same upload interface, which streamlines the process significantly.

The Rise of Vulkan

Vulkan has made a huge impact in the graphics API market since its launch last year. Vulkan was designed by the Khronos Group as the successor to OpenGL and is heavily derived from AMD’s Mantle. Vulkan’s low-overhead design means the API can squeeze an impressive amount of processing power out of NVIDIA and AMD GPUs alike. AMD, in fact, is Vulkan’s biggest champion and has partnered with Bethesda to accelerate its implementation. CryEngine and Unity are already reaping the benefits of the API, and benchmarking tool 3DMark has ditched Mantle in its favour. DirectX is still king, but the Khronos Group’s young pretender is lurking in the shadows, knife primed.

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