Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 with AIO Cooling Spotted

/ 3 years ago


If Nvidia doesn’t do it, we will just do it our selves; something like that must have been gone through the heads of the engineers over at the Japanese system builder Sycom. They’ve taken the reference Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 cooler shroud and cut a corner out, removed the large heat sink and replaced it with an Asetek 740GN AIO water cooling unit instead. The end result looks great, so good that it has been believed by some websites to be a new reference design. This isn’t entirely new though as the GTX 770, 780, 780TI, and Titan Black can also be had in this modified design. While the AIO cooler takes care of the GPU itself, the rest of the card is still cooled by the reference fan.

With the impressive over-clocking headroom that the Maxwell hardware has, this version of the card must be a dream come true; of course this can never replace a full-blown liquid cooling setup, but it’s a beginner friendly approach on getting the most out of your GPU. The cheapest system with this modified GPU is the G-Master Hydro-GK3, priced at 163,680 yen, or  around £920.

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While this isn’t an official cooler and it’s currently only available in Japan through Sycom, one can only hope that it inspires other companies to follow-up on this trend. I’m sure a lot of people would jump on the chance to buy a card like that as the AMD hybrid solution was very well received by consumers and reviewers alike.

Thank you Sycom for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of Sycom

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  • Wayne

    How do they mount the pump without drilling holes in the PCB?

    • harry1w

      The same way the stock heat sink is attached, with screws…in the PCB…

      • Wayne

        So you reckon the mounting holes are in exactly the same position as AMD’s or Intel’s?

        • harry1w

          Look up the NZXT Kracken, this stuff exists and the mounting holes are the same or they provide adapters.

          • Wayne

            The Kraken is an Asetek part so these guys must’ve made an adaptor to correspond with with the original coolers holes.

  • it’s greatttttt !!!

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