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Nvidia Graphics Cards with 108 and 118 Compute Units Appear

It’s hardly any secret that Nvidia should (all going well) be launching their new 3XXX series of graphics cards at some point before the end of this year. While there is clearly a lot of speculation as to exactly how good they will be, it seems that some details surrounding at least two new Nvidia cards may have leaked online.

Following a post by Twitter user ‘_rogame‘, two unidentified GPUs have been benchmarked showcasing 108 and 118 compute cores!

Two New Nvidia Graphics Cards Leak Online

Now, before you get too excited thinking that this might be our first look at the latest Nvidia graphics cards, a closer look at the reported clock speeds (1.11 and 1.01 GHz) does suggest that these are (probably) going to be workstation graphics cards.

While it is entirely speculation, many believe that these may represent the follow up to the Tesla V100.

What Do We Think?

Based on the compute units, these graphics cards should have around 7552 and 6912 CUDA cores. A pretty substantial number that, again, based on the clock speed, does suggest that these designs are being primarily aimed at work rather than play.

Who knows though, could the next Nvidia killer be an Nvidia graphics card? Well, while we all wait for AMD’s ‘Big Navi’, all we can say is that, at the time of writing, it does still seem more than a little likely.

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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