Nvidia GRID Gets 1080p60 Upgrade

/ 3 years ago


NVIDIA, graphics card giant has announced the world’s first streaming cloud gaming service up to 1080p60 (1920 x 1080p resolution at 60FPS). GRID is one of the first games to stream via this method and is streaming at the same resolution as Blu-ray at a silky smooth 60FPS.

The resolution may not sound amazing, movie services have been streaming 1080p content for years. With movie services, they have the ability to buffer the full movie and stream it in manageable pieces to the consumer; this means that if the stream drops randomly, the movie will still play up to a certain point, known as buffering. Gaming is a much harder process to stream, with the gamer having the choice to change direction without notice, this means that the streaming provider needs to have massive supercomputers that can react and relay the information in the matter of milliseconds. NVIDIA have spent years perfecting their cloud streaming service and have made it a seamless experience for the consumers.

“When GRID first launched in November 2014, we were streaming at 720p60 (1280 x 720 resolution at 60 frames per second) with about 20 games. Now we stream up to 1080p60, support multi-controller mode, and have over 50 games in our service, available free for SHIELD owners through June 30, 2015.” NVIDIA has stated. “Also, Bionic Commando is now available on NVIDIA SHIELD. Just connect to GRID to play! The GRID Games library now includes 50 PC games that you can play on SHIELD devices.”

For more information, why not visit the NVIDIA Shield information page.

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