Nvidia grows GPU Shipments as AMD Slips

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JPR is reporting that Nvidia is growing its lead over rival AMD in shipping discrete GPUs. The Q1 2015 data showed Nvidia continuing to show dominance, snatching up 77.5% of all discrete GPUs shipped. That’s significantly higher than AMD which is sitting at 22.5%, meaning for every 40 GPUs sold, only 9 are AMD, the other 31 are Nvidia. This spells continued trouble for AMD as the firm only just recently held 35% share last year but had slipped to 24% already last quarter. Nvidia has managed to grow from 64.9% in the same time frame.

One of the key reasons for Nvidia’s grow is the release of its latest generation Maxwell architecture cards. The GTX 980 and 970 among others have helped boost sales as owners of previous generations have done their upgrades. On the other side, AMD has largely been selling cards launched back in 2014 or earlier, in some cases rebrands that are based on cards from 2013. This has not helped things along as fans of the Red Team haven’t been offered new stock that might spur upgrades. One bright spot for AMD is that they appear to be on the cusp of launching their new Rx 300 series of GPUs. Combined with new HBM technology, AMD has a chance to strike back and reclaim its much needed lost ground.

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One sobering note for both firms is the continued decline of overall GPU shipments. The whole GPU market has shrunk by about 19.4% in shipments, meaning they are struggling against each other for a slice of an ever smaller pie. While this can partly be explained by AMD fans holding back, the real killer is the improving integrated graphics solutions offered by Intel and AMD. As more and more casual gaming can be done without discrete cards, one wonders if one day, all gaming can be done with integrated graphics and what that will mean for AMD and Nvidia.

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14 Responses to “Nvidia grows GPU Shipments as AMD Slips”
  1. Guy Parris says:

    good that’s what they get for selling cheap and nasty gpu’s with bad support to go with it. Good riddance AMD.

    • 12John34 says:

      In a world where Nvidia is a monopoly you will be hitting your head against the wall.

      Now as a good green fanboy go and play with your gimped 970 as long as Nvidia supports your card. Because when Pascal comes out your 970 will just start performing like an R9 280X. 780Ti is a good example if you have any questions about that.

      • Guy Parris says:

        got a 980, awh yeah like amd support all their cards! dsr goes all the way back to the 500 series. vsr only supports 285 and above. Their fluid motion doesn’t even support older cards. over 160 days and no whql driver yeah great support there, their always in beta. I don’t know what they do all day…. maybe sit on their ass playing with their balls not knowing what the f**k to do. AMD is irrelevant clearly, no one is interested in AMD. the more nvidia pump game works in games the better.

        As for Kepler support they are working on drivers for recent games. It’s only been project cars and witcher 3 with low performance on they cards. every other recent games play sweet on the 700 series. yeah we’ll see what happens with pascal. I highly doubt they’ll drop the ball on maxwell or kepler. It’s AMD that give up on older cards clearly.

        • 12John34 says:

          So you payed over $500 for a 256bit card? Congrats :p

          • Guy Parris says:

            got it replaced for my faulty evga 780 so didn’t really pay $500 😛 plus I only game at 1080p/1440 dsr.

          • 12John34 says:

            Lucky you. If you had your 780 you might had a different opinion about that “only 2 games” where 700 series is having (it’s first) performance difficulties.

          • Guy Parris says:

            I wouldn’t have had a different opinion, 2 games that needs work, which nvidia are currently doing just now for kepler. wouldn’t have bothered me, all the games out there, dying light, mordor, far cry 4 ac unity, watch dogs, alien isolation, gta v the 780 runs they games fine maxed. waiting on 2 games to be given a boost to the 780 isn’t that big of deal since they all other next gen games have ran fine. AMD are trying to improve performance in gta v, project cars and witcher 3 so there isn’t much difference.

          • 12John34 says:

            Yes, I see your point. But you would expect Nvidia to have optimized those two games for Kepler from day 1, as it did with Maxwell and not wait for it’s customers to start to shout on the internet first.

    • 63Jax says:

      how big of an fanboy can you be to wish AMD death? you will bust your head when nv will charge 1000000000 bucks for a damn gpu! you don’t like AMD, don’t buy it then, simple as that. we need them both and even more companies on the market so we can have competition.

      • Guy Parris says:

        lol really? you really think nvidia are stupid enough to charge a ton for their gpu’s? even though nvidia have no competition what so ever right now do you see them charging an arm and a leg? same goes for intel there is no competition because intel always stomp on amd! yet there prices are decent. I am not wishing AMD’s death but they are just a bunch of lazy bastards that haven’t a clue on how to advance and come up with new ideas like nvidia! rebranding the 300 series yet again! probably using the same amount of power and the same temps on load.

        Nvidia are always finding new ways to advance lowering power consumption bringing out new tech like drs, gsync now all their nvidia game works. AMD followed nvidia with vsr that only supports 200 series! fail!! brought free sync lol even though you have to pay for “free sync” lol. They are a bunch of clowns.

        • 12John34 says:

          Nvidia always had much higher prices when there was no competition that when it was. 8800GTX Ultra is an example, the Titan line, one more, the Titan Z the absolute example. The way they cut DP performance to force people to buy the most expensive line of their cards one more example. If AMD goes away the cheapest GeForce card in the market will cost $200. Prices will be starting from that price range, and if you object the answer will be pretty simple “Integrated graphics are good for you if you believe that $200 is too much. Like with 900 series. There is NO card under $200 because financially it doesn’t makes sense anymore.

          Not to mention that no game will use code that will be running on a cpu effectively. Every game will be using proprietary code like PhysX, HairWorks and GameWorks and whatever gains DX12 will bring, will be too little when choosing higher settings.

          So even if integrated gpus become good enough for some medium quality gaming, they will have no physics, no shadows, no light effects. Nothing. Not to mention that everything will be buggy on anything that wouldn’t be Nvidia for at least 3-4 patches. And of course you will need 3 cards to play games at the top quality. Two in SLI for the graphics and one more for everything else like PhysX, HairWorks and stuff. Latest series of course, because there will be 1-2-100 titles that will have performance problems in the previous generation of cards.

          You have no idea what is coming.

          PS That “you have to pay for freesync” is so, so much stupid. I really can’t think that there are people with half a brain that truly believe that freesync means free monitor.

          • Guy Parris says:

            everyone knows the titan’s are a rip off and are only for the rich that want to show off and be utter fanny’s, wasting money on overpriced gpu’s. But on the other hand titans are used for other things besides gaming so that’s the main reason for the high price tag also.

            I can get a 960 over here for £143 which isn’t far off 200 usd. Amd have always been around £40 cheaper than nvidia but being cheaper doesn’t mean their good they offer bad support I mean 160 days without a whql is a joke, they don’t support older cards with their new tech unlike nvidia.

            I just think nvidia have much better benefits than AMD so paying that extra £40 is worth it. AMD might perform the same or close to nvidia with their gpu’s but like other people say their all good when it comes to raw power but it’s the lack of drivers and they are always let down by their software. They need get better engineers for drivers.

            I know you don’t get a free monitor but calling it freesync is just stupid what’s so free about it? they could have came up with a better name.

            You also have to think about AMDs financial stand point as well. A company struggling with debt, 180 million down, they only own 22% of the market, they are only selling a limited amount of the 300 series. so adding their bad support on top off other things would put people with a sensible brain off the company.

  2. Stanley Smith says:

    i think amd has already lost the race years ago when their last decent processor series grew old. Nvidia now has much more unique features, it can only be a new player on the market able to shatter its leadership.

  3. Etienne Boutet boucher says:

    I really doubt AMD will come back with there 300 series especially because It’s mostly DAM REBRAND and only ONE card will get HBM …

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