Nvidia GTX 660 delayed until September the 13th

/ 5 years ago

Nvidia’s GTX 660 was originally expected to launch on September the 6th. It was then delayed to September the 12th for unknown reasons, some speculated Nvidia wanted an extra week to shift old GTX 500 series stock – GTX 570s in particular.

Now Nvidia has delayed the launch date again until September the 13th, the reason – Apple are expected to launch the new iPhone 5 on September the 12th so Nvidia doesn’t want its launch event to be overshadowed.

As a result don’t expect to see any GTX 660 reviews go live until September the 13th, unless someone breaks the NDA.

Samples of the GTX 650 are being held back by Nvidia and are not expected to be sent until September the 12th. The GTX 650 has not seen any early preview leaks because apparently Nvidia is “holding the drivers hostage” until it is ready for reviews to go online.

So it looks like this week will be an exciting week for the entry to mid range graphics card market. Keep your eyes peeled for more developments with the Nvidia GTX 660 and GTX 650 graphics cards.


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