Nvidia GTX 780 expected for March 2013

/ 5 years ago

Semiconductor manufacturers have been having a hard time with the new 28nm, 22nm and 20nm processes according to industry sources. As a result we expect Nvidia’s GTX 780 to be delayed until March 2013.

If you were not aware originally Kepler was scheduled for a 2011 launch and Maxwell for 2013. Obviously, Kepler got a 2012 launch and Maxwell is now planned for 2014. The second implementation of Kepler arrives in 2013.

Kepler will remain a three GPU line-up: GK104 for performance, GK107 for mobile and entry-level desktop and the GK110 for high-end computational and visualization parts

Maxwell will be a 20nm part, but 20nm production, design and development are still in their early stages. Expect production of the 20nm samples to begin sometime late next year by GlobalFoundries, IBM, Samsung and TSMC.

The GTX 700 series will come by March 2013 at the earliest and will offer around 25-30% better performance and power efficiency as the 28nm process is refined. The legendary GK110 part that is speculated about so much is expected to remain in the non-consumer realm only – in the Tesla K20 and Quadro K6000 cards.

AMD’s Sea Islands aka HD 8000 will probably debut slightly earlier than Nvidia’s GTX 700 series but they will be having the same process yield problems as Nvidia.


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