Nvidia GTX 780M Gets Benchmarked

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Nvidia’s next generation of mobile processors, the GTX 700M series, has already been partially launched as we have seen up to the GT 750M and heard that some of the top models could be rebrands of GTX 600M series cards. Today we get news of the GTX 780M, which should be the “second-best” single GPU model as there will likely be a GTX 780MX model which will be better.

According to the above specifications, the GTX 780M is just a slightly overclocked rebrand of the GTX 680MX as we predicted in our earlier news story. It features the same number of shaders, memory bus, memory bandwidth and the only difference is that the core clock is raised from 720MHz to 771MHz/797MHz Boost and features GPU Boost 2.0 like is found on the GTX Titan. This GTX 780M comes with 4GB of memory but there will probably be a 2GB and 4GB model like there was with the GTX 680MX.

In addition to getting a confirmation of the specifications we also have full performance results for it below, courtesy of Videocardz.comBelow you can see on average the GTX 780M is 31% faster than the GTX 680M, although the GTX 680MX was also a similar amount faster than the GTX 680M so nothing much has really changed here – the product naming has just been shifted around and the clock speeds raised.

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There is also a 3DMarkVantage test comparison below which confirms this 30% performance advantage. Note, all the testing comparisons were done in a MSI GT700 Gaming Notebook according to the Chinese source Notebook.it168.com.


It is worth noting that the review was rapidly taken down from the Chinese source. This suggests Nvidia contacted them and weren’t happy about it, the launch is expected to be coming very soon as a result. If you want more to see the Gaming FPS graphs then please check out the “Via” link below.

What are your thoughts on the performance of the GTX 780M? Are you happy that Nvidia are up to rebranding tricks again?

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  1. Hope they know that re branding sucks, if you have something new put it out. If not don’t try to lie and make it look better with an overclock.

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