Nvidia GTX 800 Flagship “GM200” GPU Spotted In Transit

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Recently we brought you some news about the upcoming Nvidia GTX 800 series and now some more details have come to light. While these are rumours, and as such should be treated with all the relevant precautions, the information still seems interesting. Nvidia’s GM200 Maxwell-based flagship GPU has been spotted in transit in India. The GM200 GPU will be the top of the line Maxwell based GPU die that will probably form the top next-generation Nvidia GPUs. The GM200 is going to be replacing the current flagship GK110 GPU (which forms the GTX Titan Z, Titan Black, Titan, 780 Ti and 780). The value of the transit is so significantly large that it can be inferred that this is one of the first GM200, if not the first, units being shipped from TSMC since they begun 20nm production of next-gen GPUs. Another potential explanation is that it could be a Loadboard interface for testing GM200 based GPU samples, hence the high price because it is not just a GPU but machinery for testing them. Early GM204 samples shipped with a 10,000 to 30,000 INR value per unit for some perspective, meaning this is 200 times the value. The part in transit is rumoured to be a 20nm node sample produced by TSMC on Nvidia’s request. Given the early stages of development a final launch of the GTX 800 series based on the GM200 GPU is at least 8 months away if not longer. The expected release date for the GTX 800 series based on this new development is the second quarter of 2015.

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Source: WCCFTech

Image credit to HQWallPapers.Org and WCCFTech

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