NVIDIA GTX 980Ti Pictured

/ 3 years ago


The GTX 980Ti, a hot topic for the last few weeks for NVIDIA to try to claw some of the limelight from AMD and the proposed graphics cards. We have heard about specifications, possible release dates, but now we have pictures.

There isn’t much to shout about there, the cooling shroud is that of a typical reference GTX branded graphic card; ‘GTX 980Ti’ smashed in the usual place, a black heat sink and a PCB that look very familiar to the Titan X.

Sadly, when we turn the card over, we can see the very absent backplate, Jensen says “they are not adding backplates, because it would affect tri-SLI airflow.” Just give me my backplate and I will shut up, seriously just give me my own personal engraved backplate.

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Early benchmarks can tell us a lot about a graphics card, but the Ti range is slightly odd. Remember back to the GTX 780Ti, when that was released; it pretty much dethroned the original Titan. Let’s hope NVIDIA have reeled this in enough for the Titan X to still deserve the top spot.

With the imminent launch of the GTX 980Ti, are you waiting for the release to choose your new graphics card or will you be waiting on AMD? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you to VideoCards for providing us with this information.

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One Response to “NVIDIA GTX 980Ti Pictured”
  1. Eoin Mc Namara says:

    Still waiting on AMD, because I don’t have €700 to get this thing

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