NVIDIA Launches Its $3000 GeForce GTX Titan Z

/ 3 years ago


Latest news point to NVIDIA releasing its long-awaited GeForce GTX Titan Z graphics card, a true beast amongst graphics cards, boasting outstanding performance at an incredible price tag.

In terms of specifications, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z presents dual-GPU graphics based on GK110 architecture, featuring 5760 CUDA cores, 480 Texture Mapping Units and 96 Raster Operating Units, while having a total of 12 GB GDDR5 memory across 384-bit interface per GPU.


The Titan Z’s GPU is clocked at 705/876 MHz, indicating that there’s a 170 MHz difference between base and boost clock, while having the memory clocked at 7 GHz. This results in the graphics card having a bandwidth of 672 GB/s.

The graphics card features a triple-slot design having a single fan in the center, while having the card measuring the same as every high-end GeForce cards, more specifically 4.38 x 10.5 inches. NVIDIA also states that the GeForce GTX Titan Z supports DirectX 12. However, currently it is just a feature from the current DirectX 11.

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In terms of power consumption, the Titan Z draws its power from two 8-pin connectors, having its TDP measured at 375W, considerably less when compared to the 500W TDP from AMD’s R9 295X2.

NVIDIA was not kidding when talking about its price, having it set to $3000. The more interesting factor is that manufacturers such as Gainward, Zotac, EVGA and others started producing their own Titan Z variations. The real questions is, who has the money to actually buy it?

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3 Responses to “NVIDIA Launches Its $3000 GeForce GTX Titan Z”
  1. Vladimir Đolović says:

    OK then

  2. Black says:

    No one cares. Give us a Maxwell based 890.

  3. Stevles says:

    The real questions is, who has the money to actually buy it?

    The same rich arseholes who bought the first one.

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