Nvidia Leak All But Confirms that the 4090 is (Somehow) Heading to Laptops!

While we don’t expect to hear much about new Nvidia laptops until some point in the new year (maybe CES 2023), it does, of course, go without saying that their latest 40XX GPU releases will definitely be brought to the mobile platform. With that being said, however, I think most would’ve been forgiven for thinking that their ultra-high-end tier would be likely set to stay as a desktop exclusive.

Following a report via Videocardz, however, information has leaked online suggesting that, somehow, there will be an Nvidia 4090 laptop release!

Nvidia 4090 Laptops (Just Don’t Expect Any Slim Versions)

The leak reportedly shows the full (or at least initial) SKU for Nvidia’s initial laptop graphics card releases with five models noted (we say initial because there’s no mention of a 4050M or 4050M Ti which will undoubtedly come at some point). Now, while this is, of course, all mostly logical stuff, the most surprising inclusion is the fact that Nvidia is somehow going to create a mobile version of its 4090.

Lest we forget that in desktop form this GPU is a triple slot design. So, as to how they’re going to cram this into a laptop is clearly more than a little curious. Albeit, in this regard, there might be an answer. Namely, Nvidia’s going to have to cut it down quite a lot (and not just in terms of physical dimensions).

Desktop to Laptop Margin to Widen

It’s already known (for nearly 6 months now) that the Nvidia 40XX mobile platform would be moving to a ‘GN’ chipset SKU. With the 4090 desktop variant being based on the AD102 design, however, leak sources are claiming that to make this work in laptop form, it’s going to have to be moved down to the AD103 (set for use in the 4080). A factor which, in itself, clearly suggests that some compromises have had to be made to get the 4090 into a moderately legitimate laptop form.

Overall though, while Nvidia has regularly promised that it would always look to offer comparable performance between its laptop and desktop variants, the 40XX series might ultimately have to break that when laptops arrive at some point next year. As above though, given how huge their 4090 is, can you honestly say that this is surprising?

I mean, to keep that on par with the desktop counterpart, the laptop would have to be around a foot thick (80% GPU, 20% everything else).

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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