Nvidia opens up a closed beta testing for GeForce Experience

/ 5 years ago

According to the press release that Nvidia posted very recently, they launched a closed beta test for their GeForce Experience, a utility that “optimizes game settings and keeps drivers up to date”.

The GeForce Experience starts by scanning your PC for supported games and lists them for you in their software, then it opens the window with the current settings and optimal settings for your system. It also gives an explanation about particular in-game settings as well. All you need to do is click “optimize”.

An example was shown with COD: MW3 with a GTX 660Ti. The utility recommends most of the settings such as Image Quality which helps certain users who have trouble optimizing their in-game settings without sacrificing the desirable frame rate.

GeForce Experience does optimise the settings by using game testers and automated machine testing throughout the levels of the game. During the process, the tester will know the appropriate FPS target with a certain configuration/game/card. Usually, according to Nvidia, their target is between 40-60 FPS, with the minimum being 25.


The test checks how each setting shows shader, texture and shadow effects during the game and the quality level of the rendering and performance. The end results are stored in their automated systems which is then tested by their “GeForce Experience” supercomputer and keeps on running the tests with those setting till it reaches the desired FPS target.

The supercomputer tests by using thousands of hardware configuration for the particular game. Another load of settings are generated for CPU, GPU and monitor resolution combo.

If this (effectively) works, those who have a hard time tinkering around will probably like this. Although this is still in BETA stages, and they most likely may add something in the future, because as of now, this works only for PC. One will have to think that the “supported” games would be those with Nvidia certifications and game developers may be tempted to sign up with the green team as it would help their fans to get optimal settings.

To sign up for the beta program, click here, but it’s first come first serve!

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