Nvidia planning GTX 655 and GTX 650Ti

/ 5 years ago

We were surprised to see that of the new GTX 600 series graphics cards, only one of those came from the GK106 GPU – the GTX 660.

The GTX 690, 680, 670 and 660Ti are all based off Nvidia’s GK104, whilst the GTX 650, GT 640 and GT 630 were mainly based off the GK107. Other lower-end parts and OEM cards are mainly based on older 40nm silicon processes.

Now it appears Nvidia is going to release two more graphics cards from the GK106 silicon. The GTX 655 and GTX 650Ti are the expected new parts.

The GTX 655 will have one of the five SMX units on the GK106 GPU disabled. This gives it 768/960 CUDA cores compared to the GTX 660. It retains a 192bit memory interface, along with 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM. Unlike the GTX 660 which is roughly equivalent in performance to a HD 7850/7870, the GTX 655 is more equivalent to a GTX 560/GTX 560Ti. Pricing for the GTX 655 is expected at €170 while the GTX 660 costs €210.

The GTX 650Ti will be a further cut down version of the GK106, this time with two of the five SMX units disabled. This gives its 576/960 CUDA cores in relation to the GTX 660. The memory interface gets a chop, down to 128bit although it still keeps 2GB of GDDR5 memory. Its performance is expected to equate to a GTX 560 SE. It should be priced at €140.


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