Nvidia preparing a GTX 670 SE, GTX 660Ti and GTX 660

/ 5 years ago

We’ve already had the GTX 690, GTX 680 and GTX 670 graphics cards from Nvidia, all based on the GK104 28nm Kepler architecture. But it seems Nvidia will milk GK104 for another two graphics cards before it releases the GK106 based GTX 660.

The next step down from the GTX 670 will be the GTX 670 SE. The GTX 670 SE is believed to be based on the same GK104 chip as everything above it. This card should features 6 SMX units, one less than GTX 670, which means 192 less CUDA cores. With 1152 CUDA cores the GTX 670SE has a 15% lower count, should clock speeds remain similar you can expect the GTX 670SE to be around 8% slower than the GTX 670.

The GTX 660Ti will feature one less SMX unit than the GTX 670 SE meaning 960 CUDA cores and 5 SMX units. The GTX 660Ti will probably be 8% slower than the GTX 670SE as all the cards on the GK104 architecture feature identical CUDA differences between them therefore with unchanged clock speeds the performance gap should also be relatively identical.

The GTX 660 will be the highest card to part ways with the GK104 GPU. The GTX 660 is the fastest GK106 card, featuring 4 SMX units and 768 CUDA cores. This again has a 192 CUDA core different between it and the GTX 660Ti, so it would be safe to assume an 8% difference in performance depending on clock speeds and memory specifications.

The GTX 660Ti and GTX 660 are anticipated for an early september launch whilst the GTX 670SE is expected within the next month.



2 Responses to “Nvidia preparing a GTX 670 SE, GTX 660Ti and GTX 660”
  1. laur john says:

    if this is true then f**k you nvidia

  2. SynHardware says:

    WTF, wait all this time for the 660 and they throw in a GK106?
    Other GK106 cards that have been released have been over-priced/under-performance!
    So they are going to take the card at the most demanded price point and throw in their worst chip?
    No wonder nvidia can produce better cards but still get stomped by AMD in sales.

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