Nvidia Preparing “GTX Titan II” – Over 4000 CUDA Cores and 512-Bit Bus

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An Nvidia product going by the description of a “GM200 A1 Graphics Processor” has been spotted in shipment from Taiwan to Bangalore where it will arrive at an Nvidia facility for further testing. The A1 stepping signifies the pre-production status of the chip and it will be upgraded to an A2 stepping before being pushed into mass production for the consumer market. According to the source the GM200/GK210 codename GPU will be built on the 28nm fabrication process using Maxwell architecture. GM200/GK210 is rumoured to feature over 4000 CUDA cores and a widened memory bus of 512 bits. Given the size of the 28nm process this new GPU will be very larger, over 600 mm². Nvidia will have to rely on the efficiency gains of the Maxwell architecture in order to keep such a large chip running cool. The GM200/GK210 GPU will form the next generation of Titan flagship, for now called the GTX Titan II. Expect the launch to be in the first half of 2015.gtx_titan_ii

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Source: 3DCenter.org

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