NVIDIA Preparing Quadro M5000 and Quadro M4000

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NVIDIA are planning to release a set of Quadro M Graphics Cards according to the latest driver version. The new driver provides the software package for:

NVIDIA_DEV.13F0.1152.103C = “NVIDIA Quadro M5000“
NVIDIA_DEV.13F1.1153.103C  = “NVIDIA Quadro M4000“

While a release date is currently unknown, one could theorize they will be displayed at SIGGRAPH 2015 which begins on August 9th. The raw compute power, video memory and other technical specifications are still unknown but expect a suitable amount of VRAM to cope with demanding computational workloads.

This latest piece of information illustrates NVIDIA’s plan to update their entire lineup with the Maxwell architecture and these cards utilize the GM204GL GPU. Additionally, the Telsa M60 is being finalized and included in the new driver with the string, “NVIDIA_DEV.13F2= “NVIDIA Tesla M60″

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Pricing and availability is subject to change and it’s difficult to gauge if the Quadro M6000 cooler will be used. I would expect as much and hopefully some further information will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

These new cards certainly sound interesting, I can’t wait to see what Nvidia bring to the table. Have you ever used a Quadro card? Let us know in the comments section below.

Thank you VideoCardz for providing us with this information. 

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