Nvidia product recall (rumour)

/ 6 years ago

Nvidia Corp. reportedly has plans to recall all the consumer desktop graphics cards based on the Kepler architecture, including GeForce GTX models 670, 680 and 690. Apparently, Nvidia GK104 graphics processors suffer from performance degradation after usage under heavy load for long periods of time.

While site Pnosker.com reports that “chips may be suffering from serious performance degradation over long periods of heavy load”. The exact effects of performance degradation are not indicated: it is unclear whether certain stream processors within GPUs stop working, or the chips drop clock-speed. As a result, the company is now rumored to initiate recall process for the GK104-based products. The information is not confirmed by Nvidia or makers of graphics cards.

This does seem to be a rumour, but it is spreading like wild fire  at the moment, with GPUs being extensively tested before making it to market, but as with a lot of rumours only time will tell if there is any truth to this one.

Nvidia has yet to comment on this story.

Source: Xbitlabs


3 Responses to “Nvidia product recall (rumour)”
  1. “There is no truth to this,” said Bryan Del Rizzo, a spokesman for Nvidia.

  2. They don't need a recall because the graphics cards aren't even available.

  3. Enkoy says:

    More nVidia bashing?

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