Nvidia raking it in after Nexus 7 success

/ 5 years ago

The Nexus 7 made a huge splash on entry into the tablet market just a month or so ago. Perhaps generating more enthusiasm than we’ve ever seen from the “non-Apple” crowd. The tablet has sold like wildfire, the 16GB Nexus 7 is still sold out at most retailers across the world whilst the 8GB Nexus 7 is also selling pretty darn quickly too.

At the heart of this popular Nexus 7 tablet is an Nvidia quad core Tegra 3 ARM mobile processor. Nvidia recently recieved an order for another 3 million Tegra 3 chips for use with the Nexus 7. Not to mention Nvidia is also due a boat load of orders of the Tegra 3 chip for the Ouya gaming console too.

The order could generate up to $75 million in revenues and about $10 million in profits, reckons Digitimes. According to industry sources 3 to 4 million Nexus 7’s will be shipped before 2012 is over. Yet with the way the Nexus 7 is flying off the shelves worldwide 3 to 4 million seems like a really conservative estimate. We wouldn’t be surprised if sales hit 4.5 million.

Either way, all of this is great news for Nvidia. Many dubbed Tegra a failure, but so far Tegra 3 promises to be the most successful Nvidia Tegra yet, absolutely raking the income in as Tegra 3 tablets and devices become more popular and familiar with consumers and vendors.


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