NVIDIA Release Cool LED Incorporated SLI-Bridges to Public

/ 3 years ago


In recent times, most PC users have been connecting their NVIDIA SLI setups through a rather boring looking piece of ‘ribbon cable’ to ensure maximum performance out of their beasts.

For those who are unaware, SLI technology is the process of connecting two or more NVIDIA graphics cards together so they can work together to provide performance enhancements for your gaming, overclocking or aesthetic needs. This is also known as Crossfire if you’re utilizing an AMD platform.

Today, NVIDIA has brought a new product to the market – a cool looking LED bridge which has been made available immediately for purchase on their website.


Coming in at $29.99 for the 2-way bridge and $39.99 for the 3-way, the prices aren’t too different from the current offering from EVGA. Both of the bridges on offer look cool in our eyes, and in the end its up to your styling preference.

What does this mean for performance capabilities and overclocking? Nothing. What does this mean for a modder looking to complete their setup? Possibly quite a lot.

These bridges as a whole are nothing completely new or revolutionary, users are already reporting they have owned them for quite some time. But it’s only just now that they are readily available to the public.

Images courtesy of AnandTech

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3 Responses to “NVIDIA Release Cool LED Incorporated SLI-Bridges to Public”
  1. Wayne says:

    Cool if case windows and blingy things are your thing.

  2. firelynx says:

    if only they were available for europe

  3. firelynx says:

    if only they were available for europe

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