NVIDIA Reportedly Will Stop Producing 4090s to Get People To Buy 4080s

We know that Nvidia has been struggling to shift the supply of the RTX 4080 with its prices being not quite worth the performance when compared to other options, one of those options being the RTX 4090. Following a leak from Moore’s Law Is Dead NVIDIA may be ‘throttling’ the supply of RTX 4090s to try and get more sales with the RTX 4080.

Supposedly an AIB has been told that they won’t be getting more 4090 supply until the existing 4080 stock dries up, and NVIDIA expects people to give up trying to buy a 4090 that’s out of stock and buy the 4080 instead.

Now whilst to us, this looks bad as rather than admit the 4080 was overpriced NVIDIA has decided instead to go for the decision that will in turn get them more profits. I can’t blame them for that decision though, it’s business after all and they’re likely right that some people will just give up and buy a 4080. Consider the fact that during the GPU shortages, many people still bought the extortionately priced GPUs out of desperation and whilst the market has mostly recovered, the attitudes of the customers haven’t changed.

What do you think of NVIDIA’s decision here, do you think it’s scummy or purely business? Let us know in the comments.

Jakob Aylesbury

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