Nvidia RTX 3050 Rumoured for Release in Q2 2022

While it’s been about a year since both AMD and Nvidia launched their Radeon 6000 and 30XX graphics cards, but we still have not seen any entry-level models from either series. In fact, the lack of any such GPUs has been a factor of some frustration for many consumers. Not everyone wants, or indeed can afford, something like a 3080. With both companies expected to launch their new lower-tier graphics cards in early 2022, however, there is a hope that we may, finally, have an affordable and modern solution on the way.

Regarding Nvidia, a report via Videocardz with a reliable leak source is claiming that the RTX 3050 may be set for a release in Q2 2022. And more so, when compared to other entry-level models currently on the market, this may have a pretty hefty performance advantage!

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050

The release of the RTX 3050 will certainly be a very curious one. Largely from the point of view that this was a particular variant skipped in the 20XX series with Nvidia choosing instead to take its ‘entry-level’ branding under the non-RTX 16XX series. This does, however, highlight one of the biggest question marks when it comes to ‘modern’ entry-level Nvidia graphics cards. Put simply, it was always doubtful that an RTX 2050 could properly handle both DLSS and ray tracing. Will the 3050 be capable of it though? Well, the source certainly seems to be suggesting so.

Entry-Level Performance King?

Although this information is clearly not confirmed, it is being suggested that the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 will be significantly more potent than the current entry-level option, the 1660 Ti/Super. And, overall, may just about hold ground with the original 2060 and AMD Radeon 5600 while offering strong competition to the upcoming Radeon 6500 XT. Given that the 2060 is all but confirmed to be getting a more potent 12GB revision, however, this apparent performance level of the 3050 makes a lot of sense. And more so, seems to allow this revised 2060 to sit more comfortably in the overall comparative landscape.

The real question surrounding the 3050 will undoubtedly be in its price. As noted above, there isn’t a direct prior generation to technically compare and contrast this with. If Nvidia can bring this to the market for less than £250, and who knows, maybe even £199.99, then, presuming stock levels are decent (and that’s admittedly a very big presumption), this could prove to be a huge hit with more budget-minded consumers.

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Mike Sanders

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