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Nvidia RTX 3080 20GB & RTX 3070 16GB Cancelled?

There’s been plenty of information around the Nvidia RTX 3000 series cards. We knew about most of the cards we already had thanks to leaks, and it seemed like we would soon be getting some amped-up version of the cards later in the year too. However, the SKUs for the GeForce RTX 3080 20GB and RTX 3070 16GB appear to be getting pulled.

Evidence of cards being removed, cancelled or renamed is out there though. GALAX, Gigabyte, and other sites listed models that never saw the light of day, such as the RTX 3070 Ti.

It was expected Nvidia would counter the AMD NAVI 21 GPU launch with the RTX 3080 20GB, but rumour has it that low GDDR6X memory shortages is slowing the supply. Not to mention the same issue could be true of the 8mm SAMSUNG fabrication for the GPUs. A fine line on tight stock and extremely high demand would mean Nvidia needs to fulfil current orders before manufacturing the next set of hardware too.

If Nvidia is hitting the brakes on these new GPUs, it could be good news for the current launch and help them push production that way. Furthermore, their next GPU launch to counter AMD could potentially switch to the 7nm process for 2021. We hear that the 7nm process and yields are much better, and the hardware would benefit from improved performance and power too, so it’s a win-win if and when they do.

For now though, it seems Nvidia are fighting to make more cards, and winning and losing some battles on that front, and the same can be said for consumers trying to obtain their current cards. I think we’ll have a few months of this yet unfortunately, but there’s hope.

Peter Donnell

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