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Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti Founders Edition Review

A Closer Look

Without a doubt, this is a fantastic-looking card, but that’s easy to say, as it borrows the modern Founders Edition design we’ve seen on previous cards, but scales things down to the size you see here. Amusingly this card looks absolutely tiny to us, but only because the flagships are so freaking massive.

Of course, the irony is the new “smaller” cards are about the size of high-end cards from just a few years ago. As you can see, it’s just a little less wide, long and thick than the RTX 4080 and 4090 but also has a smaller fan too to match the new size.

The fan looks stunning though and uses that a through-body design to allow the airflow to come right through the card to massively improve the overall cooling performance.

The branding is nicely done too, with that chrome and matte black providing a really nice contrast, with a small Nividia logo in the trim and the RTX 4060 Ti.

The back of the card shows a heavily exposed radiator. So the fan you see below blows air into the card, which then travels down the length of the card, but then hits the fan on the other side, which as you saw, can pull air through the radiator, pushing all that heat well away from the card its self.

The new GPU power connector is present here, so if you have a modern PSU, you can get away with the single cable design, which is great.

I love this too, there’s not only three DisplayPort and an HDMI here but also some radiator and heat exhaust. Most GPUs just blow air down at the radiator and it escapes out the sides, mostly. However, this actually encourages some heat exhaust from the rear of the card, which is just fantastic.

Taking off that stunning cooler, you’ll find a rather unique-looking PCB, with a shape that wraps around the rear fan. The die is in the middle, and there are four memory chips, I’m guessing there will be eight on the 16GB version.

It’s actually a pretty simple and clean-looking PCB overall, but not overly surprising given that it’s one of the more scaled-down cards of the series.

As you can see here, the cooler itself has quite a complicated series of heatpipes that cover the large GUP die, with the main part of the block also cooling the VRAM, and the power deliver hardware towards the rear of the card.

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