Nvidia RTX 4070 is Estimated to Launch In April

Based on a report from Videocardz, Nvidia has shared updated embargo information with its partners for the upcoming RTX 4070 containing information on an estimated launch date. The embargo doesn’t give a specific date but the actual hard launch is planned to happen sometime in April. Embargoes can always be subject to change so of course this should be taken lightly.

Many specs for the rest of the 40 series lineup following the 4070ti have been leaked over the past few months including the 4070 which as expected is a cut-down version of the 4070ti. Based on leaks by Kopite7kimi, the 4070 is expected to have 5888 Cuda cores, 12 GB of GDDR6X and a much lower TDP of 200W compared to the 285w of the 4070ti.

Nvidia RTX 4070

What kind of price we should be expecting from this GPU, is the next big question. Seeing as the 4070ti launched at $799 I would hazard a guess that the price tag of this card won’t be pleasant to look at and whether it will be a reasonable price to pay only time will tell.

Do you think this GPU will have a good price/performance ratio? let us know in the comments.

Jakob Aylesbury

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