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Nvidia RTX Servers and Omniverse

RTX Servers Are Free?

“The more you spend the more you save” is something Nvidia love to claim. However, they have corrected that, in a joking fashion, that RTX servers are free. On CPU render farms, you can be running huge nodes, for longer time, and running a huge power bill. Sounds crazy, but that’s what studios have done for years, if not decades.

But I can’t afford RTX Servers

Sure, laying out $20K on a 4 x RTX 8000 server seems expensive. However, the cost of running is lower, the power usage is lower, the space requirement is lower, the creation time is lower. It all adds up to saving you money. Hence, RTX server are free and actually make you more money, if you think about it.


Pixar are working on their new movies, obviously. However, even their next one will be fully RTX powered. With big names like that signing on, you know Nvidia are on the right path.

The same goes for Lost in Space. They demonstrated how they render the shows graphics. Cutting from real-time to wireframe models so you can see the craft. We’ll see this in the upcoming season expected later this year.


Bringing these studios teams together, that’s their next home run. Imagine you have teams around the world. Each working on different aspects of the scene. However, one in Autodesk, one in Unreal, etc. You can’t see what everyone else is doing! With Omniverse, you get a real RTX powered virtual environment.

Despite working in your own native software, you can see the final product in real-time being edited in all three programs. Incredible!

Peter Donnell

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