Nvidia RTX Titan 3DMark Benching Score Leaks

Nvidia RTX Titan

Unlike the RTX 2060, Nvidia has at least officially announced the existence of the Titan RTX. While the card is (semi)officially released, we would admit that actually getting hold of one is not exactly an easy prospect. Supply is clearly one problem, but this is not helped either by the fact that the card does carry a $2,499 price tag.

With the cards reaching the hands of individuals though, the first benchmark results have been released and so far it’s looking pretty impressive. This has, however, been subject to more of a little tweaking in terms of its base setting and, of course, the cooling solutions you would expect via an overclocking attempt.


The official specifications of the Titan RTX are;

  • TU102 GPU
  • 4608 CUDA cores
  • 288 Texture Units
  • 96 ROPs
  • 576 Tensor cores
  • 72 RT cores.
  • 24 GB of GDDR6 memory
  • Maximum theoretical bandwidth of 672 GB/s.

With this being overclocked a smidgen from the base values though, the report via Videocardz indicates that a 2070 MHz (GPU) and 2025 MHz (memory) speed was achieved.

Impressive Results

These are, clearly, pretty impressive results. The score was set by “jbn1010” from South Korea. Despite this though, it is still very early days in the Nvidia Titan RTXs lifespan. As such, we can surely expect some more impressive results in the coming weeks and months. If you did need some kind of proof that the RTX Titan was a beast of a GPU though, this is it!

What do you think? Are you impressed with the benchmark scores? Alternatively, are you disappointed? In addition, how far do you think this graphics card can go? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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