NVIDIA Shield Android TV Demo @ Computex 2015

/ 3 years ago


Computex 2015 – Following on from the press conference, we can now get hands on with the Shield android TV. The unit itself is extremely thin, around the same size as the current NVIDIA Shield Tablet; featuring a similar design.

NVIDIA chose to use Android as the operating system due to how versatile it is compared to most other operating systems and how widely adopted it is with developers.

It is hard to tell from images, but the unit displayed vivid colours with pixel perfect accuracy and zero issues on a 4k display.




11119709_10205610972248145_91395315_n  11358667_10205610968848060_1291777429_n



The possibilities for this are almost endless (to within the media streaming market); this could revolutionise how we receive and relay watchable media. What makes the exceptionally good is the fact that you can game on it, much like the original Shield Tablet.

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