Nvidia Ships Nearly 4 Million Data-Center GPUs in 2023

Nvidia’s data-center GPU shipments reached an impressive 3.76 million units in 2023, marking significant growth from the previous year. This surge in shipments is attributed to the increasing demand for AI technology and Nvidia’s strong product lineup.

According to TechInsights (thanks HPCWire), Nvidia’s shipments grew by over 1 million units compared to 2022. This remarkable achievement highlights Nvidia’s dominance in the AI and data-center markets. In 2023, Nvidia captured a staggering 98% market share, similar to its performance in 2022.

Market Share and Revenue

Nvidia’s dominance is further evident in its revenue share. The company secured 98% of the data-center GPU market revenue, amounting to $36.2 billion. This figure is more than three times the $10.9 billion revenue from 2022. The total data-center GPU shipments in 2023 reached 3.85 million units when including competitors like AMD and Intel.

Despite Nvidia’s stronghold, competitors are making strides. AMD shipped approximately 500,000 units, and Intel shipped 400k units in 2023. AMD’s MI300-series GPUs have gained traction, with significant purchases from major companies like Microsoft, Meta, and Oracle. AMD expects data-center GPU revenue to exceed $4 billion in 2024.

While Nvidia leads the market, alternatives are emerging. Google, Amazon, and other tech giants are developing their own AI chips to reduce dependency on Nvidia. Google’s TPUs and custom silicon efforts have positioned it as a major player in the data-center silicon market.

Intel is focusing on its Gaudi AI chips, aiming to capture a share of the growing AI hardware market. However, Nvidia’s well-established ecosystem and robust product lineup continue to make it the preferred choice for many.

Solomon Thompson

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