Nvidia Shows 4K Surround Gaming With Assassin’s Creed IV

/ 4 years ago


Got a spare $20,000 for your next gaming rig setup? If you answered yes, then lucky you! But if like me you’re are shopping on a more modest end of the PC gaming market, then here is something for you to at least drool over. Nvidia took to showing off a monster gaming rig, fitted out with triple 4K displays running Assassin’s Creed IV, that’s 24.9 Megapixels of gaming gorgeousness.


4K gaming is the new buzz word, the new “cool”, the new target for benchmarking and while it may still be out of the reach of many gamers, not only because the GPU power needed is pretty epic, but also because screens often cost around £3000 / $4500 each. Adding three monster screens and 3 high end GPU’s into a finely tuned gaming rig to push triple 4K is an incredibly expensive endevour, but the end result is truly something to behold.

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Each of the three Asus PQ321Q 31.5 4K Ultra HD monitors is running at 3840 x 2160 in portrait mode, giving you a total of 6480 x 3840 resolution. Which according to my own made up statistic is about as many pixels as you need to melt your brain. Three GTX Titan 6GB cards make up 18GB of GDDR5 memory and the rest of the PC is no slouch either, the Maingear Shift gaming PC. Gameplay may have been relatively smooth, but even triple Titans were being stretched to their limit and some graphics settings were wound down from maximum to keep FPS at a good pace.

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Images courtesy of Legit Reviews.

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  • charley machicote


  • WonderMousePC

    Dear Santa…

  • George Gourlay

    No No No Sorry but if you cant run with all settings at max then you have done something wrong. LMAO… Damn fine rig….

    • Peter Donnell

      Diminished returns likely apply when they goto ultra graphics, what you may lack in shadow map resolution, Anti-Aliasing etc in the games settings will be brute force improved by the fact your crunching so much resolution and texture detail 🙂

  • Nathan Doyle

    Im sorry but are they running VGA!? Blue connections are VGA right? WHY the fuck spend 20 grand on a pc and then use vga, i would at least expect 120hz out of that motherfucker! What the fuck are they thinking!?

    • Toaster

      They are using display port. The blue connectors are for the USB devices. And I doubt, even with 3 titans, that they were getting 120fps out of that system. The resolution is just too high.

  • Jake

    This isn’t even Ultra Enthusiast anymore. This is Arab luxury territory, AKA Pet tigers and Gold Ferraris.

  • Skidmarks

    Now if only they could do something about those annoying, distracting bezels… For $20k everything had better be better than perfect.

  • Geoffrey Chen

    No need for caps lock…

  • Rick Occulus

    Just as a correction you don’t get shared VRAM in an SLi setup. Each card has its own exact copy of the uncompressed texture data because each card renders a portion of the same frame. You’re not gaining anything in that respect, you’re simply splitting the GPU load.

    • Yep, that’s correct. In SLI the VRAM operates in replication, a lot of people seem to miss that fact!