Nvidia Shows Off Mass Effect Andromeda at CES

/ 1 year ago

nvidia-ces-2017-keynote-5 Mass Effect

No GPU presentation would be complete without a gameplay video and Nvidia’s CES keynote was no exception. During the first half of the presentation, Nvidia showed off Mass Effect Andromeda running on the GTX 1080. This goes hand in hand with the earlier announcement that the latest Mass Effect title would be dropping on March 21st, or 3:21 takeoff!

The footage was rendered and captured all in engine and EA is claiming that the footage will be representative of game experience. In addition to a few CG cutscenes, we got a look at the new tech and skills trees in the game. We also saw some nice combat action with a variety of weapons as well as the new vertical and destructible environment. Overall, I think the new Mass Effect is pretty good but of course, the story is the most critical component. Check out the footage below and decide for yourself!

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